Swamy Cine Enterprises (SCE) was established in 1979 in Chennai, India. It all started by blessings of Mr.A.Kuppuswamy (1925-1971) Mentor of our chairman Mr.M.Duraiswamy has started his career in cinema in the year 1964, so with the Professional experience from his guru he started manufacturing 35mm Cinema Projectors & Carbon Lamphouses in the brand name of "SWAMY" for theatres in India. SCE installed 35mm Projectors in the southern states of Tamilnadu, Andrapradesh & Karnataka in India. SCE Caters installations to Theatres, Multiplexes & Recording Studios. In the mid 80's SCE started manufacturing of Rack & Roll projectors and installed in prestigious Studios in Tamilnadu & Andrapradesh. In the late 80's there was a big decline in the cinema industry in India and sales of projectors have reduced by 75% .At that time SCE started distributing sound systems & lighting systems from around the world revived the cinema in southern India.

SCE started distributing

  • Projection Lenses
  • Arc Lamp reflectors
  • Stereo Cells
  • Analog Surround Systems
  • Precision spares for various types of Projectors.

SCE has a solid knowledge & hands on experience in all types of leading projector brands and has good technicians who can service any type of 35mm Projectors.

In the early 90's world of cinema has changed from the evolution of Digital Sound from DTS & Dolby Labs. After this evolution people around the world started seeing movies in the theatres which also changed in Indian Cinema. At this time, SCE got hands on experience in installations of DTS & Dolby systems in theatres from USA and started distributing & installing these systems in the theatres.

In the beginning of 21st Century SCE started manufacturing its own Xenon Lamphouses which gives constant lighting and ease of operation which had replaced the old carbon Lamphouses.

From 1979 till today SCE keeps updating the latest trends in the Cinema industry from the World to the Indian Cinema and it will keep continuing to bring the most advanced technologies to the Indian Cinema Projection.

SCE Participates in major Cinema Shows throughout the world:

  • Showest, Las Vegas
  • Show east, Orlando
  • Cine Asia, Macau
  • Cinema Expo International, Amsterdam
  • Cinema India Expo, Mumbai